[VIDEO] Peter Doocy Delivers His Most Savage Line Yet, And Jen Psaki Never Saw it Coming

Doocy is more savage as time passes! Again, Joe Biden made a mistake.

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Maybe this isn’t breaking news. The President of the US made a mistake once again, just the good old habit. He constantly talks about his power to get things done for his closest ones.

Now, he did the same thing when he shared the story of how he fired one Ukraine prosecutor for investigating Burisma.

There is no help for this person! Biden needed adoration, and that scared the people.

Biden shared an inappropriate story about violating his power to get something for his close. In his opinion, a long time had passed for his friend’s wife to become a doctor until he urged and pulled some wires.

Doocy wanted to know what followed, so he asked Psaki.

She didn’t answer his question, but she promised to do so. Jen continued talking about how unvaccinated people are in the hospitals, and the people with heart attacks can’t reach their doctors.
I haven’t heard this until now, and we are waiting for the fact-checkers to check this info.

Peter stated: “But setting aside the privacy of the individual, how often does President Biden call around trying to help his friends cut the line?”

Take a look at the video below:

It was a brilliant reaction of Doocy! He is very prickly, especially with Psaki!

It’s a refreshment to see that we have a journalist and reporter such as Doocy to ask these tricky and provocative questions!

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