[VIDEO] Pete Hegseth Manhandles Pipsqueak Texas Dem, Uncovers Real Reason They Reject “Voter ID”

If you love to see a Texas Dems get destroyed with facts, enjoy!

A Texas House Dems squad boarded on a private place to attempt to stop a vote on an election integrity bill.

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Everyone was smiling with beer and went to the D.C. swamp to protest against the voter ID laws. However, they couldn’t stop it, and one day later, the vote took place.

Such an expensive political stunt!

When the Texas PR masters are in trouble and asked about voter ID laws, they will turn into crying faces from smiling.

You can see the baby-faced pipsqueak who Pete Hegseth (Fox News) annihilated. He’s so intelligent that he can’t say one reason why he opposes voter ID.

In the interview, Pete exposed the real cause that Dems don’t want the voter ID. The SSN RULE. The Dems don’t want to prove their identity when they vote. That’s the scariest part.

Take a look at the video below.


You don’t need a driver’s license to vote, but you need a voter ID.

Hundreds of thousands of people don’t have an ID, and the Dems should help them get one!

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