[VIDEO] Pelosi Just Got Dragged Around The House Floor Like A Rag Doll By A Freshman Rep

Pelosi dragged around the WH floor just like a Dollar Store rag doll.

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Folks, Nancy Pelosi, isn’t having the best days!

Currently, she’s dragged around the House, similar to a rag doll by freshman Reps.

Pelosi lost her respect, and no one holds this crazy old lady in high regard.

Everything started over some blatant hypocrisy.

In case you want to find a person who initiates violence, don’t look at Trump, but at Maxine Waters. That is precisely what she did in Minneapolis and what she has been doing throughout her entire career.

She passed with a police escort to Minneapolis and urged the people to stay on the streets and be more confrontational.

The outraged Pelosi didn’t think that Waters was supposed to be punished. Nevertheless, Pelosi told Waters that she didn’t have to apologize for what she said.

The House and those who voted to impeach Trump now voted not to censure Maxine Waters.

We expected this! Isn’t this a classic Democrat move?

However, one freshman congresswoman named Lisa McClain has had enough with Pelosi’s hypocrisy.

McClain said: “If this were reversed if this was said by a Republican, you know Mrs. Madame Speaker that the majority of this chamber would move to strip that representative from their committees and possibly vote to remove that person from Congress,”

Currently, maybe we aren’t in power, but we have numerous ways to punish the Democrats wisely.

We will regain our power!

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