[VIDEO] Pelosi Goes On Spastic Rant, Calling Joe Biden Perfect While Licking Her Lips And Stammering

Pelosi has become the crazy old woman!

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Otherwise, we can’t explain this insane clip. Nancy has some nutty things, but, classifying Biden as the best thing that ever has happened to the USA? Only an insane person could say such a thing!

Precisely that has happened in the video below. I cannot say what is more disturbing, what Pelosi said, or how she said that.

Pay attention to her lipstick.

Watch the video below.

We weren’t the only one who could claim that Pelosi, in the video, looked insane. Here are the other comments:

“Pelosi flew over the cuckoo’s nest” 

“If Joe Biden is the answer, what the hell is the question?”

“Does she have two sets of eyebrows”

“She’s either drunk or crazy, or both.” 

“What’s with her lip-licking problem?”

“she’s looking more and more like Michael Jackson every day.”

“Her skin is just baaaaarely hanging on.”

“How many eyebrows does that corpse have?”

“Her lipstick is smeared on her face.” 

“My God, we need age limits installed, this is scary” 

The USA desperately needs age limits.

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