[VIDEO] Parents Throw Punches At School Board Meeting On Critical Race Theory And Transgender Agenda

Parents attended the school board meeting on Critical Race Theory!

You cannot mess with kids! But the Dems don’t understand that, and they are messing with CRT, Critical Race Theory.

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They are indoctrinating kids at the grade-school level with progressive propaganda and anti-white/anti-American Marxist hate. That is what CRT is! You have to know it as a theory saying that people are either the oppressed or the oppressor based on skin color.

This teaching looks for further division of this country by stating that black people can’t get ahead without help.

But, white people are inherently evil, which is why black people can’t rise up.

There’s a lot of crime, drugs, and poverty in black communities because of the Democrats. They want to see the black people down and angry.

Now, a group of parents in Loudoun County, Virginia, threw punches at a school board meeting on CRT and the transgender agenda that the schools push.

Take a look at the videos below.

At school, children need to learn how to read, write, and all the normal things that children have to do at school.

But the liberals are targeting the grade-schoolers the same way as the college kids. So, the parents feel that America is slipping away with screwy elections and the progressive cult sweeping the nation. Maybe the country is slipping away, but the parents won’t let their kids!

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