[VIDEO] One U.S. Soldier Is “Onto” Kamala’s Race-Baiting, And He Wants It To Stop Now…

One soldier hopes that one day the police will remind us to the Military, where race isn’t important. In the Military, it is about teamwork and brotherhood.

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One savvy young man listened to what Kamala said, and Biden admin’s racial division has a massive problem with what Harris said.

Yes, it is accurate that the U.S. hasn’t been this divided since Obama was the President. But, we are all aware that with Biden, Obama is back in the office, which is why the history is repeating.

This man is sick and tired of the division, race-baiting, and he told Kamala Harris to shove it once she ended her speech calling out black soldier only.

In my opinion, he was too soft using the words ‘’to shove it’’, but it was what he meant in a firm way.

The person in the video is furious because he is a soldier, and there isn’t racial division in the Military.

There, everyone is a soldier, regardless of color. According to him, he didn’t have a single racial talk with some other soldier in the Military. It is how it was supposed to be.

But, I guess that won’t happen! Kamala Harris represents Hillary on steroids.

The soldier makes a good point.

Watch the video below.

What the young soldier said made me think twice. The Military doesn’t have these issues. Precisely that is the reason why the left is infiltrating the Military. Probably he is the last American frontier that the political correctness, racial division, didn’t ruin him!

We have to stop the lefts from infiltrating it!

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