[VIDEO] One Dem Has Hilarious But Very Accurate Reason Why His Party Lost Big On Tuesday

Democrats are fed up with their own policy

Democratic strategist James Carville is fed up with the “woke” culture. He is now singing to the tunes of a different song. What happened in the meantime?

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Latest polls added fuel to the fire. Carville talked about all the things that went wrong. Truth is, he said the same thing as most Republicans. The Democratic strategist blamed the so-called “wokeness” for the loss in Virginia and other states.

Well, I guess Nancy Pelosi and her friends didn’t see this coming…

Carville appeared on PBS’s “NewsHour” to talk about the situation inside the Democrat Party. He explained that the “stupid wokeness” destroyed Terry McAuliffe’s chance to win in his state.

“What went wrong is just stupid wokeness,” Carville said. “Don’t just look at Virginia and New Jersey. Look at Long Island, look at Buffalo, look at Minneapolis, even look at Seattle, Wash. I mean, this ‘defund the police’ lunacy, this take Abraham Lincoln’s name off of schools. I mean that — people see that.

It’s just really — has a suppressive effect all across the country on Democrats. Some of these people need to go to a ‘woke’ detox center or something. They’re expressing a language that people just don’t use, and there’s backlash and a frustration at that.

Check out the video:

“Woke detox” center? That’s hilarious!

Carville is right. Democrats need therapy to get back on the right track again.

His comments didn’t work. Most Dems doubled down on their “woke” culture. They even say that those who support Youngkin are “racists.” Mixed the pots again, huh?

Decent Americans did what they thought was right. We have the right to support the right candidate. We don’t need people like Pelosi and her gang leading the way. They are nothing but lousy criminals.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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