Video Of Biden’s Staffers Preparing His Podium Went Viral!!! [VIDEO]

Like a scene from a ‘’Three Stooges’’ episode!

Biden’s presidency is surely a show, funny, bizarre and terrifying at times.

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If you haven’t thought of his presidency as an 80s movie about a senile old man who becomes a president and experiences  zany stuff along his journey, after this video, you’ll definitely start to picture it that way!

A video of one of his staffers is simply hilarious!

He is so concentrated preparing the podium for his boss that it is bizarre!

Watch the video below:



Read the comments below:

 “Seriously, someone needs to make a 80’s parody style movie about this”

 “Oh I can see , I can see clearly , WE ARE F***ED!!!”

“In which country is that???”

“What in the hell?”

“This is like a scene from a low budget comedy”

“”Allegedly”, this is what 80 million mail in ballots voted for”

“This scene of viral theatre really demonstrates the cult like sacramental reverence they have for the mask. Gross.”

“Commander in Chief, my ass”

“Seriously can’t be real ?”

“This can’t be real, can it?”

“I was looking for some good comedy movie and I finally found it!”

Nothing looks real here, everything seems set up. Kamila is so artificial, standing like a nurse ‘’on-deck’’ if something goes wrong.

Can you believe it all?

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Source: The True Defender 

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