[VIDEO] This Newsmax Reporter Is The Biggest Thorn In Lori Lightfoot’s Side…

The situation escalated overnight…

Americans in Chicago are forced to live among violent criminals. Crime rates have reached the highest peak and the situation seems to be getting worse with every day that goes by.

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Lori Lightfoot tries to make us believe that she is doing a really good job. Well, we all know that she is drowning in crime. There was a drastic increase in crime rates. What’s next on the list?

Lightfoot is throwing cold water on the situation and she uses every opportunity to do so. In her recent convo with a Newsmax reporter, Lightfoot said a big lie. Lightfoot reflects the despair growing among people like her. The horrible woman spilled a big lie and the Newsmax reporter exposed her.

The reporter got under Lightfoot’s skin again. She said there were no race riots in Chicago last summer.

She was probably living in a parallel universe.

Watch the video and tell us what you think:

Lightfoot seems to ignore all the violence that took place last summer. The situation escalated following George Floyd’s death in May of 2020.

From The Washington Post

In Portland, Ore., protesters set fire to the police union headquarters. In Chicago, hundreds of young people responded to reports of a police-involved shooting by looting downtown stores. And after another weekend of unrest in America, President Trump responded on Monday by suggesting that National Guard troops were the solution to a situation that had grown “out of control.”

Tensions have escalated again in two of the country’s most combustible cities following a relative lull in protest violence after the Trump administration pulled back federal agents in Portland and appeared to back down from its threat to widely deploy agents elsewhere.

The weekend’s events show that America’s long, hot summer of street protests and violence is not over, and Trump — who has built his reelection campaign on images of cities on fire and fears of criminals — is aiming to capitalize.

We won’t even pay attention to this. Let’s all ignore this liar.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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