[VIDEO] News Anchor Makes Epic “Freudian Slip” When Speaking About Vaccine

Local newscasters like to add fuel to the fire…

I mean, we have seen this on multiple occasion. People somehow manage to catch each and every “mistake” they make.

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These mistakes are “Freudian” and people go crazy in a minute.

So, this Aussie newscaster tried to discuss the pandemic, but made a terrible choice of words.

This happened in April. It’s not a fake video.

There’s a video online, but you can’t even see the “Freudian slip.” Yes, they took care of it. Look for the full clip to get the point.

Instead of saying that a company tried to stop deaths, she said the company helped people who were dying from the jab.

Here’s the full clip:

Go to the 20:38 mark…

Here’s the fixed video:

She didn’t make a mistake. People won’t bite into that excuse. The fact that they edited the video says pretty much everything you should know about it.

It happened in April, and people are still talking about it.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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