[VIDEO] New Nugget Of Info Trump Just Dropped About Bill Barr And Pennsylvania Is Most Diabolical Yet…

The latest betrayal from Bill Barr is to the Americans, and it is very evil! Until today, it was clear that he’s a traitor!

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He fooled a lot of people in the past, but he got his punishment, and it won’t stop there!

We, who believed in him, were very wrong. Numerous people remained cynical about Barr, but there were a considerable number of people who thought he would look for justice!

It seems that Trump believed he would be a good supporter, but everything changed when the Dems threatened Barr to impeach him! It was the turning point!

The previous event is possible to be accurate, but I think that it was something worse! He was working behind the scenes to silent the rumblings about the 2020 election. Also, in his CPAC speech, Trump shared news about Barr, and it was the worse that I have heard.

Trump said that Barr was the one who blocked the Pennsylvania U.S> attorney to investigate the election fraud.


Everything was planned and very well coordinated! That’s why I believe that Bill planned this for a long time! He was aware of the sham SpyGate investigation and that it is coming to its end. So, the second phase would be the beginning.

What a traitor!

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