[VIDEO] New Clip Shows Crowd Angrily Rejecting Alleged “Trump Supporter” Who Tells People To Storm Capitol

Another suspicious video emerged. You will be the judge.

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Mysterious January 6 and all the events around it.

With the lack of government transparency, conspiracy theorists went off the charts.

People aren’t the ones to blame. It is their natural reaction. People are crying loudly and sharing wild conspiracy theories over the fake “Russia collusion” garbage.

Numerous people think that the FBI may have done something for the event from January 6. But, there’s no proof, that’s why they say. However, that’s not the reality, especially when we see what they are doing with the “Whitmer kidnapping plot.”

Also, there were numerous leftists forces, Antifa, and BLM activists who created chaos and made it worse for MAGA.

Furthermore, I haven’t seen an environmental activist on our side, but the “Shamim” guy is the first one.

But, in the new video clip that appeared where we could see that the old man stands in the middle of a crowd.

The people reject this person’s plan, and they start signing “fed, fed, fed.”

Take a look at the video below.

Is the FBI aware of these people? Can they see his face?

A lot of people think that he’s a federal agent or a federal informant and, in the worst case, a leftist.

Below you can see his photo with the BLM activist and photojournalist John Earle Sullivan.

“I can smell that this guy is a fed from here.” 

“says a lot that the entire crowd thinks this guy is a fed” 

“Average elderly conservative people don’t act like this” 

“This guys acting sucks. totally looks” 

“Staged. This is so phony looking lol go back to FBI acting school, old man” 

And now you can see the online comments.

January 6 is a mystery, and many things are unknown.

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