[VIDEO] Morning Joe Just Demolished Dem Rep And Entire Dem Party In Most Brutal Clip You’ll Ever See

Democrats suffer a big blow

Are you a fan of Joe Scarborough? Me neither. But, yes, this man delivered one of the deadliest messages to people like Nancy Pelosi, the Clintons, and others like him. Trust me, this is one of the most brutal interviews you will ever see.

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Rep. Sean Maloney from New York is pretty clueless. He is one of the swamp monsters. We all know what Democrats do. The DNC writes down all the “talking points” for people like Maloney so they can do an interview. Take a look at this guy… He is reciting. They all do. That’s what you do when someone tells you what to say.

Scarborough is here to call out Democrats. He called out Maloney. One thing stands for sure. Scarborough is well aware of the mistake Democrats did in 2020. They lost everything they had last year. But, this man has a hard time admitting the truth.

In a video here, Scarborough has an epic meltdown over the “Defund the Police” stupidity. Maloney had to say “yes or no” if he supports the nonsense.

This particular interview turned into a nightmare. Maloney and his Democrat fans were pressed against the wall.

Scarborough delivered the perfect butt-whooping, right? He did that at the right time. Watch this video as much as you want. Enjoy it.

Be careful, you don’t want to miss a big detail. Watch the video again and look straight in the far-left corner of your screen. You should see a “hand” waving “stop” as Scarborough fires his shots. Is this Mika? Oh, Americans sure had a lot of fun watching this one. Democrats always find a way to embarrass themselves.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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