[VIDEO] Mike Pompeo Did It…He Just Said What Needed To Be Said About 2020…

He is a loyal supporter…

Mike Pompeo is the most loyal guys in Donald Trump’s cabinet. He did an incredible job with the former President and yes, he is one of the best advisers Trump has ever had.

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Trump is out of the White House, but Pompeo is still by his side. He supports all the Trump voters out there. This time Pompeo discussed the stolen election.

In his video, Pompeo made an argument about all the shady things that happened in November. According to him, we should do the right thing and fix the damage. We need to protect our country to give our kids a better future.

Things will look much better in the near future. Trump will reclaim his throne and enter the Oval Office again. Pompeo will be the first person to wish him a warm welcome.

Pompeo called out Democrats and all the red flags surrounding Wuhan and the roots of the pandemic.

In his recent interview, Pompeo pointed out to the evidence suggesting that the virus was manufactured in the Wuhan lab.

From 13 WHAM

“We can’t be certain that it came from the laboratory, only the Chinese can tell us if that’s where it came from. But every stick of evidence that we’ve seen today suggests this is where it came from,” said Pompeo to The National Desk’s Jan Jeffcoat.

Pompeo said that there’s “genetic evidence” that the virus was manipulated through gain of function research, as well as evidence of doctors becoming sick in the late fall of 2019.

“Every single thing we’ve seen suggests this didn’t come from a bat, it didn’t come from a pangolin, it leaked from this laboratory. We know that safety procedures were inadequate at this facility. It’s one of the things that we were trying to help them with. This is the most likely conclusion,” said Pompeo.

Pompeo knows the truth. He called out corrupted Democrats and all the swamp monsters.

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