[VIDEO] MI Drunk Driver Does “Dukes of Hazard” Style Jump Over Freeway Bridge…Totally Airborne

This is one of those you have to see this to believe moves.

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One Michigan drunk driver did a Dukes of Hazard style jump over a bridge in Michigan. The surveillance from a nearby business caught the jump. However, he didn’t kill himself.

He walked away with no life-threatening injuries.

Mlive reported that a driver did a Dukes of Hazzard style jump over a freeway bridge. The Kalamazoo man (25) was driving south on US 131 when he left the freeway at 142nd Avenue in Dorr Township in Allegan County at 2.05om on January 14.

The black Chevrolet Impala left the road, went airborne, and then hit a road sign before landing on the other side of the bridge.

The man was hospitalized, and blood was drawn after troopers realized he was intoxicated.

Watch the video below:

The tracks were near the exit ramp and went up the embankment before the car was seen on the other side of the bridge. Jessica Sinclair was the girl that shared the video. She and her mother were driving by the overpass and saw someone fully Dukes of Hazard jump their car up and over the 142nd bridge.



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