[VIDEO] Meghan McCain Just Put Joy Behar Through A Meatgrinder Over Cuomo Comments

Joy Behar had the courage to defend Andrew Cuomo

The co-host did her best to defend the New York Governor. Is she a Cuomosexual?

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Cuomo is facing serious accusations. At least seven women have accused him of sexual misconduct. Behar knows this, and she dares to defend him.

Meghan McCain has something to say about it.

Behar asked if it’s time for the governor to resign, she said that she supports House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The Democrat has called for an investigation into Cuomo’s attitude. Behar believes that Cuomo’s resignation would harm the Democratic Party.

“There’s so much politics involved here and so many people piling on the guy — not that I think he’s innocent or guilty — I don’t know the whole story,” Behar said, according to Mediaite. “It seems to me he’ll have trouble governing under these circumstances. What worries me is if he resigns and fast forward down the line a Republican becomes the governor of New York state, a lot of things will happen that I won’t be happy with.”

Behar also listed the “good points” of Cuomo’s administration. McCain called out Behar right away. She wasn’t having any of it.

“That is a very, murky, ugly, nebulous, hypocritical message for Democrats to be putting out,” McCain said. “If you’re going to hold him not accountable, then it doesn’t matter. He should just stay in office because he’s a Democrat and Democrat policies are more important than sexually assaulting women, that’s a very dangerous road for Democrats to go down.”

Earlier in March, Behar urged Dems to follow the “Republican playbook” when it comes to handling Cuomo’s accusations.

“I mean, the Republican playbook is, let’s hope that this goes away, and let’s not really go into it,” Behar said. “So he’s right. We should use the Republican playbook because the Democrats do the opposite.”

“A case in point, Al Franken, Senator Gillibrand, off with his head immediately, you know, he needs to resign, and a lot of Democrats got behind it,” she added. “Now I noticed she’s changed her tune. Now she’s taking the Republican playbook to heart. Well, let’s investigate this time. Let’s see what the allegation comes to.”

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Source: Dwayne Dupree

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