[VIDEO] Many Americans Outraged Over What They Call Navy’ Most Outrageous “Woke Stunt” Yet

What do you think about the “woke” military?

Some generals are a little too worried about the Trans flag. They seem to ignore the US flag. Is this a shot at progressiveness? Politics? A big chunk of the current brass is more concerned about being “woke” and spreading liberal ideology than confronting the enemy. Everyone got involved into politics. Social activism, remember? We have seen this and much more. The US military looks really different now.

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Does it get any worse than this? The Navy has a big surprise for you… This is definitely one of their most woke stunts ever.

The US Navy named one of their military ships after Harvey Milk. The gay rights leader, remember?

Can you blame them?

Here’s the video:

NBC News reported that the ship was christened and launched in San Diego Bay on Saturday.

USNS Harvey Milk went down the shipyard after former Navy officer Paula M. Neira popped a bottle of champagne. Neira is also the clinical program director for the John Hopkins Center for Transgender Health.

Milk’s nephew, Stuart Milk, and Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro attended the traditional ceremony.

“The secretary of the Navy needed to be here today, not just to amend the wrongs of the past, but to give inspiration to all of our LGBTQ community leaders who served in the Navy, in uniform today and in the civilian workforce as well too, and to tell them that we’re committed to them in the future,” Del Toro said.

Here’s what people said online:

“We are so f**ked it’s not even funny” 

“The USS Virtue Signal”

“how does doing all this help in fighting a war?”

“Meanwhile China has built a complete to scale US navy fleet complete with a to scale US aircraft carrier in the desert to war game an attack on US naval fleets. Let that sink in for a second.”

“Screw this clown country.”

“I am horrified at this. It’s liberal politics being stuffed down everyone’s gullet and I am sick of it” 

“Damn we just keep getting softer don’t we”

“That’s cool and all but how will this help us against a war with China?”

“It’s so embarrassing to be an American nowadays”

“I, for one, am looking forward to the inevitable Chinese takeover”

“Can we stop using the military as a social experiment and focus on training effective soldiers”

Should we really add more?

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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