[VIDEO] Many Americans Deeply Disturbed By This CSPAN Clip Of Joe Walking With Group

Biden has semi-good days, where he seems pretty lucid and pretty lively for his condition. On other days, he seems like a person who has just woken up and doesn’t know where he is at and can’t make two coherent sentences.

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In Missouri, he showed how one of the bad days looks like. It was a complete disaster, from bottom to top.

He was confused and couldn’t remember one thing.

In one clip from CSPAN, Joe walked into a factory-type area with a small group of people. It seems that Joe is helping a blind man; the one who can’t see seems better equipped than Joe.

Biden acts like he has one blind gentleman under his arm. Sleeping Joe makes people realize the terrible shape Biden is in.

It is terrible, and sadly. But, in all fairness, he was asking where he should stand even though there was a yellow tape on the ground.

Take a look at the video below:

There were the online comments.

“This looks like an outing for residents of a nursing home. How much longer can this go on?”

“The man who’s blind looks a lot steadier on his feet than Joe.” 

“Elder abuse. Shame on his wife letting them use him that way..”

“This is hard for me to watch. I feel a mix of anger and sadness.” 

“Good grief, who is helping who in this picture. It looks like the blind man is helping Joe.” 

“You can see how sickly Joe really is when he’s next to someone with a disability” 

“This is really hard to watch. My dad had Alzheimer’s, and it brings back memories” 

“How can his wife allow him to look like this on the world stage?”

It’s bad enough when he’s just standing, but watching him try and help someone and maneuver around is much worse.” 

It is sad that all these things happen in America. Americans deserve something better.

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