[VIDEO] Looks Like A Hitchcock Film: Neighbor Films SWAT Team Taking Down Gunman In Apartment Building Across The Street

A scene straight from Alfred Hitchcock movies…

We must admit… This video is intense and requires viewer discretion. Oh you will hit a different vibe this time.

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Guess what… It is not fake and reminds us of the most outrageous Hollywood drama.

So, a young man and his GF filmed a hostage scene in one of the apartments across the street. They saw the whole thing happen…

It wasn’t a movie scene…

In this video, you will see a man holding another person at gunpoint. Enter the SWAT team and the gunman is dead.

WARNING: Graphic content

This was caught on someone’s cell phone. We have never seen anything like this before.

Police officers and special forces deal with situations of this kind pretty much every day. They risk their lives to protect us and put the bad guys in jail. Unfortunately, some of them are killed in the process.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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