[VIDEO] Look At Milley’s Expression When Sen. Hawley Tells Him To Resign Right To His Face

Senator Josh Hawley made General Mark Milley cry…

Sort of. One thing stands for sure… Milley wasn’t happy at all.

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Milley and Joe Biden’s abysmal Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin were sitting before the Senate tell the truth about the Afghanistan situation. Thirteen people died there, remember?

These two were caught in the middle of a serious scandal. Of course, they had great careers, but things got out of control over the years. They made a lot of mistakes and Afghanistan happened.

The Afghanistan situation triggered an avalanche of reactions. People need answers. The families of those service men and women need answers.

Why didn’t Austin realize that the Afghan Army would drop the weaposn and join the Taliban force? Enter the Gulf War. “Well trained/elite” army members dropped their weapons and joined forced with the bad guys. Things like this happen more than usual.

Milley said that the evacuation mission in Afghanistan was a “logistical success but a strategic failure.” Really?

This is nothing but a bunch of nonsense. This man had the courage to say this. Oh my God, the audacity!

Senator Hawley was disgusted. He couldn’t hold back and looked Milley straight in the eye, asking him to resign. Yes! Just take a look at Milley’s face.

Biden still ignores the situation. He wouldn’t do a thing. I mean, he showed ultimate disrespect when the bodies were brought to the US. The man kept checking his watch. Everyone noticed it.

I guess Biden and his people are fine with the situation. They are fine with everything that happened in this country. Afghanistan, migrants at the border, crime rates…

Dementia Joe should leave the White House and let professionals do the job. We really hope that Donald Trump returns to the White House before it’s too late.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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