[VIDEO] Liz Cheney Hatched A New Plan To Stop Trump And She’s On TV Peddling It Right Now

Liz Cheney knows that the base hates her.

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She is a kamikaze, flying the plane into any target she thinks will cause much damage. The NEOCON warmonger turned her to her pals to complete her mission.

The Democrats claim their J6 witch hunt is bipartisan because she masqueraded as a Republican and got a lot of PR and Sunday morning talk shows.

She created a new plan against Trump and made her rounds on the talk shows to peddle the new project.

She attended the CBS News – Face The Nation, and stated that Trump couldn’t get back the presidency.
According to Cheney, Trump was at war with the rule of law.

Margaret Brenner asked her: “You’ve raised in the past the possibility of criminal culpability for the president. Is that the consensus view of the committee?”

This was the response:

“Look, the committee is obviously going to follow the facts wherever they lead. We’ve made tremendous progress. We have had now- if you just think about, for example, what we know now about what the former president was doing on the 6th while the attack was underway. The committee has firsthand testimony that President Trump was sitting in the dining room next to the Oval Office, watching on television as the Capitol was assaulted as the violence occurred. We know that that is clearly a supreme dereliction of duty. One of the things that the committee is looking at from the perspective of our legislative purpose is whether we need enhanced penalties for that kind of dereliction of duty. But we’ve certainly seen nothing like that as a nation before.”

The RINOs are working hard against Trump, and they tried in 2016, but they failed; of course, they will try even harder in 2024.

There is a rumor that Dan Crenshaw works with Cheney to stop Trump.

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