[VIDEO] Listen To The Pain And Anger In Kamala’s Voice On Senate Floor …She’s Not Happy

She is crying!

Kamala Harris is far from happy with the way things flow at the moment. She doesn’t like the fact that Senate Republicans trashed the “For the People Act.” Things didn’t go the way she wanted. Well, hey, Americans aren’t stupid. We knew Harris and her gang were up to no good.

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Americans said no to “For the Cheating Act.” This was nothing but an attempt to take over elections. It would have sealed the communist fate of the United States. We can do better than that! And we did!

Senator Ted Cruz talked about it and millions of people share the same opinion.

Kamala’s bill went down the hill. We are waiving the happiest goodbye! Tuesday was a big day for all the people living in the United States.

The bill got 50 affirmative votes along party lines. It received zero support from Republicans. Democrats couldn’t get past Republicans to move on with their bill. So, it was a big NO!

This bill turned into a failure and Harris was there to witness it. This is the biggest failure Harris deal with at the moment. Just look at the impression on her face. You can almost feel the pain in her voice. This woman is angry. I guess she didn’t see this coming.

Democrats got what they deserve.

They are in pain. They wanted to steal the 2022 midterms. AGAIN! Democrats lost control and they will soon lose majority.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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