[VIDEO] Leo Terrell Started Crying On His Fox News Interview

I wouldn’t have predicted this even if I had to think for million years!

Leo Terrell, Trump’s supporter and civil rights lawyer had a very emotional minute in his Fox News interview hosted by Martha McCallum.

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He started crying and showing his compassion towards all the families that struggle with the crisis caused by the coronavirus.

What a real patriot! Leo Terrell is a great attorney, too.

However, Terrell is a Fox News contributor and a former teacher.

In the show called ‘’The Story’’, he was a guest, discussing the suicidal children together with his host Martha MacCallum.

BPR shared a report, and we can read about his heartbreaking moment.

“His heartbreaking response was to MacCallum’s segment where she spoke with the parents of three teenaged children who committed suicide during the pandemic. Terrell, at one point in his career, taught middle and high school economics. He has always loved kids. As MacCallum began speaking with him on her show, he let her know as he gripped a tissue that it was “going to be tough” for him to get through the discussion on the matter,”

Besides, Terrell said that being a teacher is the most important job in his life. After hearing this, we can understand his emotions.

Martha was shocked by his reaction and gently asked him a question.
“What would you say to these kids out there who need to seek some help, Leo?”

You can see the emotional moment in the video below.

After the show has passed, Terrell wasn’t ashamed of his reaction, and he shared a tweet!

He is an incredibly good person, making the world a better living place!

Terrell is a person who appreciates life and all-important small details that we should value, especially the children, because they are our future!

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