[VIDEO] Last Year This Guy Was Called “Crazy” Now Everything He Said Is Happening…

One year ago, a video emerged about which many people thought part of the stuff the Canadian said was hogwash.

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But, one year later, his predictions about the COVID-19 turned out to be true.

Just as Nostradamus.

From the video, we can see that he predicted the mask mandates, vaccines, and vaccine ineffectiveness and added a globalist plan to restructure our class systems and wipe off the middle class.

When the person said this, we were only four months in the coronavirus pandemic, and he guessed all the things that happened.

It is worth the attention!

Take a look at the video below:

He sees the globalist’s game, and he said that.

Some of the left think he’s stupid and commented what you will read below:

“No its not ! I havent lost any of my rights and i am not a slave !
So he is still crazy!”

“it’s cool that he is 💯 independent and above the government….. not even the richest of the richest are free of the government; I guess he doesn’t pay taxes or have health insurance or anything as a matter of fact… Having nothing and paying nothing isn’t the true freedom?”

“Also…the part he missed was EVERYONE didn’t take the vaccine and because of that we now a variant. Missed that part genius!”

“Too much steroids, listen to professionals many have died.”

The leftists think this guy is inventing staff, even though 90% of what he said already happened. I don’t get how they still don’t understand.

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