[VIDEO] Kyle Rittenhouse Just Sent One Bone-Chilling Warning To The Fake News Media…It’s Coming

Patriots wait for the lawsuits against the mainstream media to fly.

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We have been waiting for the politicians to drag Kyle Rittenhouse’s name through the mud for over one year, and many of us want revenge.

Rittenhouse is one of us and will look for revenge because his life has been ruined, especially by the mainstream media.

Can you count how often they called him a white nationalist and a murderer?

They called him these names so many times that we have stopped counting. Kyle has to go after the leftists and the fat-left media outlets, and he will punish him for all their bad words.

We want to see the media be forced to write many big checks to another conservative kid.

Take a look at the video below.

In his latest interview, Kyle said that the first person he would go after would be his ex-attorney, Lin Wood.

Because of him. Kyle rooted in prison.

Mr. Wood refused all these claims.

They are going to court.

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