[VIDEO] Kamala Takes Biggest Hit Yet From Freshman Rep Lauren Boebert Who Just Brilliantly Mocked Her

Kamala Harris better hide somewhere

The Vice President of the United States took a lot of heat lately. We have a few good reasons to believe that she is hiding somewhere.

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Harris and Joe Biden don’t even think of visiting the border. They are too busy disappointing their voters.

The situation at the border got out of control. People are living in a nightmare. Thousands of illegal aliens enter the country each day. They are here to eat our money and use all the benefits Democrats offered them.

And here we have our Vice President saying that “climate change” has caused the uncontrolled flow of migrants. We bet world leaders are having a good laugh now. They probably watch Harris making herself look like a fool.

Guatemala’s President blames Dementia Joe for the situation at the southern border.

That’s not all.

Harris has yet to go to the border and observe the situation.

Freshman Rep. Lauren Boebert is teaching her a lesson. This is the most savage blow to unimpressed Harris.

Boebert went to the border and brought a cardboard cutout of Harris. We’re impressed!

Some people within the GOP are actually great guys. Boebert has found the perfect way to attach Harris. Hopefully, the Vice President learns her lesson.

Harris is trying to deliver a message, but she doesn’t even want to do the job she is paid for. She gets taxpayer money to make this country a better place to live in. Well, this lady is trying to stay out of the mess. Boebert did deliver a message to people and yes, she got straight to the point!

Boebert’s video is viral now and Americans are sharing it with their friends. Make sure you share it too. We bet Harris has seen it. That cutout looks really great, right?

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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