[VIDEO] Kamala Gets Repeatedly Disrespected By Mexican President

Kamala Harris will soon leave the White House

Harris’s trip to Mexico is horrible. She did a terrible job. This was another failure in her portfolio, so she better get used to this.

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As you may be guessing, the President of Mexico has little to no respect for Harris. He greeted her with the wrong name and the wrong title. That’s not all. Harris got coldhearted “mucho gusto.” She didn’t get the regular formal greeting. In other words, the President doesn’t even think that she is a great person.

From BizPacReview:

The Vice President is no stranger to people fumbling her name, but Mexican President López Obrador made several protocol errors during their meeting.

“Welcome, Presidente Kabala,” Obrador appeared to say in the video below.

Obador got Harris’ title wrong; used the incorrect masculine term presidente when addressing her; he didn’t formally welcome her to Mexico, saying only mucho gusto (nice to meet you); he got her name wrong; he failed to address her by her first name and surname and he wasn’t wearing a face mask although she was, according to Mexico News Daily.

Obrador later responded to criticisms of his reception of the Vice President saying, “It was a very good meeting with Vice President Kamala Harris. It was so good that I called her ‘president,’ I got it wrong, … I’m not infallible.”

So humiliating! Harris and Joe Biden got what they deserve. They destroyed our country and everything Donald Trump built in the last four years. These two have to go home. We don’t need them. Things can’t get any worse than this…

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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