[VIDEO] Kamala “Cackles” As Reporters Ask Her About Americans Trapped In Afghanistan

Harris wants us to know that the Biden administration has a priority, and it is Afghanistan.

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She shared this while in Vietnam!

Once she got off the plane in Vietnam, one reported asked about Afghanistan, and Kalama started cackling like crazy, in a “whoa, whoa, one question at a time” way. Harris is well known for it.

It was a steady press, and it wasn’t even a chaotic one!

But now we know that if she reacts this way, she’s ultimately out of the league.

You can notice that nothing was happening that would have made her laugh, but she was smiling like a Disney villain.

Jenna Ellis, Trump’s loyal attorney, emphasized that Harris is cackling about everything!


Her biggest problem is that she comes off so phony.

No one can take this woman seriously because of her reaction to basically everything.

I think that Harris reacts this way because she is a nervous wreck, and she can’t handle the situation!

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