[VIDEO] Just When You Think Biden Voters Can’t Get More Clueless, This Jaw-Dropper Comes Along…

What you will see in the ‘’Biden Voters Are All Dummies’’ video is a real doozy!

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Mark Dice shared his new video. He took to the sunny beachside streets in California to reveal the Biden Voters’ idiocy! The video is a real humdinger.

Dice thought it would be fascinating to go outside and ask people what Biden, as the most popular and beloved politician, did during the last eight years.

He’s the president who got ‘’81+ million legal votes,’’ and no one knows what he did in the past eight years as a vice president.

Yeah, that’s how beloved Biden is!

No one believes that he got that many votes! Take a look at the video below.

It is shocking the most of the liberal voters voted with their emotions, not fact.

From the video, we can see that some people confess they voted for Biden because they hated Trump. It’s pathetic!

We heed an order that every person has to pass, it’s called a civics test, and then they can vote! It would help a lot in eliminating idiots.

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