[VIDEO] “Juneteenth” Celebrators Twerk On Ambulance, Preventing It From Getting Gunshot Victims To A Hospital

As the first responders attempted to transport gunshot victims into the vehicle, Juneteenth groups were twerking and dancing on the ambulance car.

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Numerous Juneteenth celebrations throughout the U.S. grew into violence. Riots and gunshot victims were widespread among the events reported in police and ambulance. Many believe that Biden and Democrats are using these celebrations to replace the July 4 festivities.

This day was supposed to make people happy, but it ended as a dark and hurtful event. Numerous people were shooting, fighting, and stopped the traffic, creating dangerous situations for certain people.

In Oakland, California, numerous people were shot during this celebration, and when the first responders arrived at the crime scene, they have to take the victims to the hospital. Some group from the crowd jumped in front of the vehicle and started dancing and twerking. The first responders couldn’t take the victims to the hospital because of the behavior of these people.

Bizpacreview shared that the incident in California was filmed. However, the media ignored this event because they wanted to report on the police abuse.

The first responders attempted to save as many victims from the shootings in Oakland as possible, but the Juneteenth partiers cannot just stand in the way. One black female climbed on the car and started twerking.

The Oakland Police Department shared that the shooting was among different gangs. One 22-year-old man from San Francisco died, and seven other people were injured. The victims’ ages are from 16 to mid-60s.

Take a look at the video below.

“The fact that we had several people shot and injured, we had people who continued to dance on and around ambulances, preventing the ambulances from leaving the area to get people to hospitals so that they can be treated,” the police shared.

“We also had some people that stood up, that actually helped out and helped open up traffic,” Armstrong said. “We thank them for their efforts.”

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