[VIDEO] Journalist Catches Something Interesting About Kamala’s Movements Around Joe

Is Kamala Harris our President?

Independent journalist Mike Cernovich spotted something strange about Harris and her attitude around Joe Biden.

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The US President was sharing details about the new infrastructure bill. He forgot some of the details and yes, Harris was there to remind him. Awkward!

Harris didn’t stop here. She tried to steal the spotlight. She didn’t help Dementia Joe. Harris was trying to BE the President. Oh, she looks a bit frustrated.

Take a look at her facial expressions and body language. Harris was literally saying she was “nobody’s nurse.” She is fed up with Biden and his dementia.

Harris just wanted everyone to see that she is doing a better job than Biden. Vice presidents like to play the main role, right?

This lady showed the world that Biden is an old man who keeps forgetting everything.

OANN reporter Jack POsobiec said earlier that a frustrated Harris is sick of playing the role of a sucker. What happened during her recent trip? She will use every occasion to trash Biden.

Here’s what people wrote on social media:

“I’m a woman and I can tell when another woman is pissed…Haris is livid” 

“I think she really wanted to make sure the camera caught her “helping” him”

“She’s a fake VP and a real nurse, and she’s mad as hell” 

“they hate each other its not even subtle.” 

“Kamala sucks at hardball & will be destroyed by the machine if she challenges it. DC is comply or loose. Look at everyone who stood up to the establishment from Nixon to Trump, Vietnam war, WMD facts, Russiagate, COINTELPRO, CIA torture etc.. The power/establishment always wins.”

“You need a set of cojones to play in the big leagues and from we’ve seen, she’s not equipped to overcome Joe’s dementia”

“Is she trolling for an outburst from Joe? She going to do this that ugly?”

Things look really rough right now. Harris can’t stand Biden. She will probably use the help from her people to remove Biden from the White House.

We bet Harris won’t be a nurse in the next few years. She has a backup plan…

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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