[VIDEO] Joe Forgets Name Of Congressman He Invited To Speech, Asks Where The Man’s Mother Is (She’s At Home)

Americans are frustrated

Joe Biden says 80 million people voted him. We know he lied. We also know that his cognitive decline has accelerated.

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Decent Americans can’t even stand the idea of having a dementia patient in the White House. Dementia Joe tried really hard to lead this country. Well, he can’t do that. He belongs to a nursing home. It’s really unfair. Democrats disrespect us. Why did they let him take the top position in this country? Biden should never ever step inside the White House. We deserve better.

Democrats humiliated us. They forced us to believe that Biden is our President. He is not. Dementia Joe will never be our President. We can’t close our eyes and ignore his nonsense.

This not a “childhood stutter.”

Biden is in charge of millions of people. He is responsible for us all.

Ladies and gentleman, we give you the latest episode of “As The Insanity Turns.”

This time our so-called President held a speech and talked about several “important” topics. But, he forgot the name of the congressman he had invited to his speech. He forgot he name of his guest!

That’s not all. Biden started talking about his mother. He also looked around and called her out. He looked really lost at this point. What happened next? Someone off-camera said the congressman’s mom is at home.

“Oh,” he says, “well I guess she can’t stand up if she’s at home…”

Watch the video on Rumble.

What a clown! This man is responsible for our national security.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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