[VIDEO] Joe Biden Savagely Booed And Heckled At National’s Baseball Stadium

America detests Biden!

The F Joe Biden chant is the most popular one these days, and it is the fastest-growing pass time. This song can be heard at different football games, the Ryder Cup, and in the food courts at the mall.

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Basically, you can hear it everywhere, in Manhattan! He is a bumbling, feeble dementia patient Biden, and he makes mistakes one after another. The worst thing is that he doesn’t want to take responsibility for his actions!

But MAGA group of individuals moves on changing F Joe Biden! However, it is bipartisan! And, it is not only the chat. Biden is booed and heckled on his own home turf.

Joe appeared at the Congressional baseball game at Nationals Baseball Stadium, and he got booed and heckled like crazy!

See it below:

Keep it that way, America! Continue humiliating those who are humiliating you!

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