[VIDEO] Joe Biden Has Meltdown Over Anti-Biden Crowd In Michigan

He won’t get over it

Joe Biden was hit with a nice dose of reality in Michigan. The creepy old guy traveled to Howell but he received an unpleasant surprise.

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An angry crowd waited for him with “F Joe Biden” signs in their hands. They came here to show him that Donald Trump is their president. It was a bold movement and Biden hated it. No one likes him and he won’t even admit this.

The arrogant old man should leave the White House before everyone starts chanting other things. The fake president belongs to the fake White House he built. Remember? He got the booster in this fake White House.

Biden did hold a speech and showed everyone that he is really bothered with these unpleasant surprises. People are showing massive support for the real president of this country.

Where did those 81 million go? No one was in Michigan that day?

Biden kept saying he won 81 million votes, claiming he had the most historic win in US history.

This elitist deserves all the mockery he has been getting lately. He was embarrassed in Michigan.

Maybe he needs to call those 81 million people and ask for help.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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