[VIDEO] Joe Biden Goes Off Teleprompter And Ends Up In 13-Seconds Of Hell

Biden’s worst!

Those who think Biden has wits need to think twice! His condition isn’t very well.

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When he chooses not to follow the teleprompter, his team’s legs shake, people, moaning and groaning with their heads in their hands. Why? Because that’s the worst idea someone could think of!

Biden can’t even read the sentences written there, how he could invent his.

That happened on Thursday in the greater Chicago area. He malfunctioned, struggling to pronounce the word telephone while promoting his $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill.

Horrifying right?

These were the comments:

“Regress for a minute???? Joey’s been regressing for a number of years now…..Way To Go Brandon!!!!”

“His handlers are cringing. He’s gone off teleprompter.”

“My 92-year-old grandfather has a better working brain than his and he voted against this dim bulb.”

“The light bulb in his brain doesn’t go off anymore because it’s burned out.”

“THIS is what the GOP needs to be talking about. This man is an embarrassment.”


Take this person away from the microphone, and the entire world laughs at us!

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