VIDEO: Jim Jordan Doesn’t Let The Democrats Win The Easy Way

He is not afraid to let them know this!

This is the perfect example of another patriot who loudly, openly, and with no shame tells what he thinks, and defends what he stands for, the true American principles.

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Since the Conservatives have been hardly censored – Jim is here to speak his mind for all the censored ones!

They wanted to cancel Newsmax as well as OANN.

But Jim came up with an ideal plan to fight back!

Frankly, people are already starting to turn off Fox News, therefore, Newsmax’s popularity is growing to levels as they once were…

“Among GOP voters nationally, Newsmax and OANN are hot on Fox News’ tail thanks to Fox defections and Trump supporters,” pollster Tony Fabrizio wrote on Twitter.

Although Fox News still holds the number one spot among Republicans, the survey has shown that after President Trump stepped back from the position and Joe Biden took over, they have suffered some pretty alarming financial losses, and also viewers.

As the survey shows, the Boca Raton-based channel Newsmax takes the second place — right behind Fox.

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Source: The True Defender 

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