[VIDEO] Jesse Watters Shares Shocking Statement By Juan Williams About Biden

Dems will never confess that the stimulus bill is a failure

After over fifty days in the office as a President of the United States, Joe Biden hasn’t done a single thing for the country.

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A beneficial one, I mean.

Now, Biden struggles to give the stimulus.

Yet, we shouldn’t forget the bombing in the Middle East, the fact that there is a crisis at the border, and the gas prices are skyrocketing!

He barely speaks with the journalists, and he has never given a solo press conference!

Does this man know the responsibilities that come with his position?

Juan claims that Biden isn’t talking to the press because the aides fear that he will fumble. Juan knows that Biden can’t do his job as a President.

Yet, one thing is even more disturbing: Why can’t the Democrats admit and accept the fact that the stimulus bill is a failure?

During the presidential campaign, Biden promised a $2,000 stimulus check to every citizen, and now that check is $1,400!

 Some haven’t received that check yet, others waited too long, and some didn’t even get them.

But there is no room for concern, according to CNN!

CNN claims that the stimulus bill will cause an economic boom and our country will rival China!

Yup, you read it right!

Check out the headline:

 ‘’After Biden stimulus, US economic growth could rival China’s for the first time in decades.’’

Go on and read the article about America as an economic rival to China:

“For decades, China’s economy has grown much faster than America’s. That trend is likely to be broken in 2021 as the US recovery from the pandemic gains momentum.

Economists are swiftly upgrading their US growth forecasts as Covid vaccinations accelerate and after Washington enacted a $1.9 trillion stimulus package that is far larger than many thought possible just a few months ago.

Goldman Sachs is calling for 2021 US GDP growth of 6.9%, the fastest since 1984. Morgan Stanley is even more bullish, predicting a 7.3% growth. That would surpass the Chinese government’s humble target of 6%. More importantly, these Wall Street estimates for the US’ pace are not far from the 8.4% consensus forecast for China among economists polled by Refinitiv.

All of this means that US GDP growth could rival or perhaps even surpass that of China. This would be a remarkable achievement because the United States is a much more mature economy — and was blown away by China’s explosive growth out of the Great Recession.”

This is not optimism, this is a clear example of manipulation and deceit!

Just imagine CNN writing such an article for Trump’s stimulus!

You can’t? Me neither!

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