[VIDEO] Jen Psaki Offers Disturbing New Details On Biden’s “Vaccine Door Knocking” Plans

It is worse than it is!

Biden is sending people to knock on your door and harass you about the vaccines!

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Just imagine that you are sitting at a family dinner, and someone knocks on your door. You open the door and see federal employees on your stoop, asking you if you have taken the COVID-19 vaccine.

No one in this country ever wants to happen something like this. But, I guess it is coming.

Psaki shared more details about what’s going on with Biden’s Vaccine Stormtroopers. According to her, the federal employee won’t appear at your door, but the activists who believe in the vaccine.

I guess Biden would send crazy liberals to our homes. I suggest to employee BLM and ANTIFA members to do it!

Furthermore, you can focus on how snotty and pissy Pskai becomes when speaking about the plan!

I won’t let those liberal vaccine activists come inside my home.

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