[VIDEO] Jen Psaki Blames Unvaccinated Americans For Joe Biden’s Horrifically Low Poll Numbers

Joe Biden and his administration will never take responsibility for the situation in the US

We all know what happened in Afghanistan. Thirteen Americans died there… Biden ignores the problem. Need more?

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Liberals keep pushing the whole thing under the rug. Biden turned the whole situation into a mess. The mainstream media managed to spread misinformation like crazy.

Enter COVID-19. Biden and Kamala Harris keep forcing people to get the jab all while trashing Donald Trump and his supporters. They blame unvaccinated Americans for the mess. Biden’s jabs killed people.

Normal people will never take part in anything like this. Biden says jabs are actually immunity boosters. He talked on CNN’s town hall and tried to convince Americans that COVID-19 won’t kill them if they get the jab.

Old Biden wore his face masks for months after receiving both doses. Why was he wearing a mask? Wasn’t he protected?

People took notice of each and every mistake the new administration made and Biden’s ratings went down.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki didn’t take responsibility for this and she blames unvaccinated Americans for the low ratings.

Watch the video here:

Americans will never get over this problem. Psaki’s attitude is out of this world and she keeps irritating everyone. The lady adds fuel to the fire every time she does a presser.

You don’t have to be an expert in politics to get the point. Psaki is just trying to cover up the mess liberals created.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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