[VIDEO] Jeff Bezos Watches Helplessly As Leonardo Di Caprio Flirts With His Girlfriend

What will you do if Leonardo DiCaprio tries to steal your girlfriend?

Jeff Bezos wouldn’t really like this question. He got divorced in 2019 and is now dating Lauren Sanchez. The 55-year-old and Sanchez are about the same height. The couple partied overseas with the “Climate Cult” when they met Leo. Oh my God, Bezos was hit with reality. His 49-year-old GF was flirting with Mr. Wonderful.

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Bezos is super super rich, but his girlfriend seems to like DiCaprio better. She really looked like someone who could dump Bezos and run into Leo’s arms. Poor Bezos was just standing there watching these two flirt.

Sanchez had a wonderful night. She knows how to flirt!

We can’t say the same for Bezos. He didn’t look or feel well that night. He is really rich but his billions can’t stop him from feeling like a donkey.

Maybe Bezos and Sanchez will break up now.

Bezos has a message for DiCaprio. Oh, yes, he was really annoyed.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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