VIDEO] Jake Tapper So Disgusted With Biden, You Can See It On His Face As He Shreds Joe’s National Address

The press has never been so angry as now since Trump was the president.

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I love what’s happening because that’s how we will have some hope that the press could still find a way to criticize the Dems when they are guilty, not only to cover their dirty works.

We don’t know if that will last forever, or it is only about this situation. The time will tell us.

However, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that the mainstream media for once reported on the real news!

At this moment, we are all mad, disgusted, and irritated with Joe, who botched the withdraw from Afghanistan so severely, and now it is the biggest foreign policy blunder in history!

The way we left is a shame! We have people stuck in Afghanistan in trouble, and they can’t go home!

Did you forget the time when Afghans helped us when we needed help the most? They gave us billions of dollars worth of military equipment.

Precisely that was what Trump emphasized:

Also, reporter Jake Tapper commented on Biden’s decision and expressed his anger.

He shared that Biden is hiding in the basement for two days and doesn’t want to take responsibility for the disaster.

Biden blamed Trump and the Afghanistan army instead of saying I am guilty, I am sorry, I have a plan to fix this situation.

Americans will forget and forgive it immediately, but Biden’s hypocrisy doesn’t have a limit.

Watch the video below:

ABC also criticized Biden:

This time Biden can’t escape this situation, and his handlers can’t fix this!

Our eyes and ears are opened, and we know what’s happening.

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