VIDEO: Is This The Actual Reason For The “Car Attack” At Capitol?!

Deadly attack

The US Capitol was attacked again on Good Friday, right before the biggest Christian holiday.

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Noah Green used his car as a weapon. He is following the same pattern as many Islamic terrorists.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Green’s attack is not considered an act of terrorism.

“The suspect involved in the fatal attack at the Capitol, Noah Green, was a football player and track player for Glenville State College,” WBOY News reported. “He played in 10 games as a defensive back for the Pioneers, making five tackles and a sprinter on the Glenville State Track and Field team, seeing action in six events.”

Green was born and grew up in Fairlea, West Virginia.

“Authorities have said 25-year-old Green rammed a sedan into the barricade on Constitution Avenue outside the Capitol around 1 p.m. Friday. The crash and shooting happened at a checkpoint near the Capitol. Congress is currently on recess. Officials said he then got out of the vehicle and lunged at the police with a knife in his hand before at least one officer shot him.”

“Both officers and Green were hospitalized after the incident. One officer, identified as 18-year department veteran Officer William “Billy” Evans, died from injuries sustained in the attack, while the other officer is in stable condition with injuries that do not appear to be life-threatening.”

Green died, too. Why did he do this?

This takes us all the way to a documentary on Islamic Terrorists. Watch the following video to get a clearer picture. It’s a video from the Nation of Islam Meeting. A man talks about WAR.

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Source: The True Defender


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