[VIDEO] Indy Journo Says He Figured Out Why Joe “Malfunctioned” During Belgium Presser

We have three options for Biden’s malfunction!

You are a lucky person if you haven’t seen the 25-second-long video from Biden’s embarrassment. I am sad because he humiliated America, not only himself. The President of the U.S. was a perfect disaster at the G7 Summing, with blunders, confusion, and his questionable wanderings around. His workers put him on a plane and left him in Belgium to meet Russian President Putin.

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His workers set up a press where he was supposed to say that he would take questions in an unprecedented fashion. He was remarkable but for the wrong reasons.

Biden was two and a half hours late at the event, and when he appeared, he took a nap before taking the stage.
He had previously approved reports with questions! Typically for him!

However, one reporter managed to ask him one unplanned question: Does he still regards Putin as a killer?
Biden was in a panic, and he didn’t know what to say. So, as always, he was waiting for the words to come by themselves. The worst moment was when Biden remained utterly silent for eight to ten seconds.

The entire answer can be marked as the most horrific 26 seconds in his career. What a disaster and the world now has seen it all!

Moreover, one journalist thinks that he knows what the cause of the malfunction is. I believe that once you read the tweet, you will understand something.

Jordan Schachtel is an independent journalist, and he shared this tweet:

The combination of one and three is the perfect solution and diagnosis!

Even the handlers don’t trust that he can memorize anything!

Biden probably struggles with Dementia, so he cannot work the earpiece properly!

What do you think?

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