[VIDEO] In Just 4-Seconds, Pelosi Reveals Her True Feelings About Tuesday’s Elections

I have to tell you I watched this video 100 times repeatedly, and I am not sick of it.

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You can see and hear Psaki’s embarrassment and laugh at her face.

The clip is only four seconds long, and she can’t hide how sick she was over the way her party performed on Tuesday. He is tormented by Tuesday’s elections that occurred around the country, not only in Virginia. She can see the writing on the wall.

She knows that this is her last stand as a Speaker, and then she will retire, to avoid further embarrassment.

When she is questioned about the election, Pelosi sounds like she wants to bear the reporter,

Take a look at the video below:

There are a lot of people who try to spin the epic disaster and make the Dems winners.

It’s the dumbest spin EVER!

The country has changed by 180 degrees in the past five years. Things that are currently happening should be very carefully compared to yesterday because everything is different. The country is politically divided like never before.

If you want to compare the last Tuesday to the previous years, you will see the Dems mess. Now, they have a higher turnout because of the rage and orange man bad stuff and still losing races.

This should be a big wake-up call for Dems, but they’re not readjusting their positions; they’re doubling down on all the stuff that caused this blowout to begin with, which is good news for us. We don’t want them to learn a lesson.

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