[VIDEO] If You Have An Android, Ask It To “Sing a Song” And Watch How Creepy Things Get

The Twitter account Libs of Tik Tok shared many funny left-wing videos. It has tweeted many messages about the Android feature that scared many people.

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The Twitter user shared that Android users said that if you use Google Assistant and Alexa and ask the phone to sing a song, you will hear a vaccine song.

The followers tried this thing, and below, you can see what they have found.

These are the videos.

It seems this is a feature, at least for those who share it. I don’t have an Android, so if you have, please try it.

This feature is creepy and disturbing. Even if you are a pro-vax, you wouldn’t like to hear something like this.

Below are the comments:

“The only thing missing from that song are the thousands of North Koreans marching in unison” 

“Wow. Propaganda much, Google?!”

“you can be pro-vaxx, anti-mandate, and anti-propaganda all at the same time btw”

“Yeah, that’s it…. I think there’s something weird going on behind the scenes…”

“Who could hear this and possibly think it’s a good thing?!”

“It’s like living in a weird, creepy movie. We’re so screwed if we don’t do something about this.”

“Something straight out of a dystopian movie”

“For the record, I just tried this and it’s real. The vaccine song played on my phone. Now I want to burn it” 

“Can you spell I N D O C T R I N A T I O N”

“I am sorry, but this is not normal. We all made fun of Baghdad Bob and we’re now way worse than him” 

Regardless of how much you worship the C-19 and the vaccines, to behave like this is unacceptable!

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