[VIDEO] Hilarious And Spot-On Spoof Of Kamala Going Door-To-Door Pushing Vaccines

The funniest parody of Kamala!

I guess Kamala holds first place in having the funniest parody! She comes off as a stick in the mud, an Uber-elite Dems who is very serious but lacks self-awareness.

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These politicians are the best for parody, so this Tik Tok user created the best one so far.

She explains Kamala’s nervous cackle down pat, together with the insecure energy! It is the point when we say she doesn’t know what she’s doing! Kamala does her best to cover that, but she simply can’t.

The parody of Kamala visiting the border is excellent.

But, this time we will show you something new. The parody this time is Kamala going door-to-door and harassing people to get vaccinated.

The best 40-second that I spent this day! I am laughing!

Take a look at the video below.

Oh God, I love parodies!

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