[VIDEO] Hasbro Whistleblower Comes Forward To Reveal Something Sinister That’s Going “Into” The Toys

Ladies and gentlemen,

Listen to the whistleblower!

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The left is coming after your kids, and we have previously warned you about this. In the past, the left targeted the college kids, but now, they realized it was good and successful in brainwashing the kids’ brains, so they created a plan to implement the same strategy in the high schools.

Everything worked very well, so the left focused on the grade schools, and they are attempting to get their meat-hooks into toddlers.

The weapon is called Critical Race Theory!

The Dems pushed it in colleges and universities very successfully, so now they will use the same tactic in the grade school kids and toddlers.

Hasbro Toy, a whistleblower, revealed how the company takes advantage of the CRT in their toys to brainwash the kids.

See below:

Below you can watch the interview:

I think that the Dems can’t be happy until they steal the kids of American parents. Every single parent has to take up this fight.

Otherwise, their children will pay the price!

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