[VIDEO] Harvard Grad Goes Viral For Walking Out On Merrick Garland’s Graduation Speech

New development!

A young Harvard Grad didn’t like the fact that Merrick Garland was getting ready for his commencement speech during the graduation ceremony, so she walked out of it.

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Emma Heussner is a brave young woman who also happens to be the social media director for The Daily Caller. The lady shared a video of herself leaving the ceremony and said, “just walked out of Harvard’s graduation because I didn’t want to listen to Merrick Garland talk about himself for 30 minutes,” but she said the parts she heard were “pretty rich.”

In his 2020 and 2021 commencement speech, Garland spoke about January 6 riots and the integrity of the 2020 presidential election.

Why would he spoil such a great event?

Merrick should have spoken about real problems and topics that really matter. He should have spoken about gas prices, inflation, and our educational system.

Maybe he should have mentioned “2000 Mules”.

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Source: RedVoiceMedia

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