[VIDEO] Harry And Meghan Get Caught With Their “Pants Down” By A Rolling Camera

These two don’t follow the rules

I guess rules don’t’ apply to elitists.

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We live locked up in our homes and away from our loved ones. We are told to wear two masks and stay away from crowds. Well, elitists follow different rules. Oh wait, they don’t follow any rules at all.

Emmy Awards, Oscars, Barack Obama’s birthday… They can do it all. These people have zero concerns about the rest of the world.

You should wear two masks but they can go wherever they want. MASKLESS! Dinner with rich friends? Why not?!

Mortals should stay away from restaurants. I guess these places are reserved for “sophisticated” people. COVID-19 doesn’t go any near rich people.

A lot of Americans got COVID despite the jab, but elitists still refuse to put their mask on.

Cameras are everywhere and someone was caught with their “pants down.”

Meghan and Harry were caught without any masks on their faces.

Watch this video.

We are used to seeing this. Meghan and Harry will never follow the rules. They aren’t like you and me.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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