SHOCKING VIDEO: Greg Gutfeld Just Shared “Disturbing Footage” That He Says Media is Trying to Bury

Even though the media has tried very hard to move the attention away from Biden’s border disaster, a damning footage just brought everything back to daylight.
During a recent airing of “The Five,” Greg Gutfeld shared a moving video in which a five-year-old boy screams for help at the Southern U.S. Border after being allegedly abandoned.
Gutfeld points out that the media is really working overtime to hide this from the public, but unlucky for them, many people have already seen it and the damage is already done.
Check out the video:

Totally horrifying, isn’t it?
No matter what side you are supporting, it’s absolutely sickening to see a young child screaming in desperate search for help.
This is an absolute fiasco for the Biden administration, and Jen Psaki didn’t make thing better when she offered this pathetic answer to Peter Doocy on the issue.
Watch it:

Remember the outrage that Donald Trump faced when a little girl was captured on camera while she cried in front of Border Patrol agents?

However, that turned out to be a hoax, but anyway, it didn’t stop the media from using the image constantly to spread misinformation.
Why isn’t Biden getting equal treatment here?


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